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Properties of herbs

Among the plants that grow in fields, forests, meadows huge number of pharmaceutical or medicinal herbs. In this natural green pharmacy you can find remedies for the common cold and cough, diseases of the heart and nervous system, stimulates healing of wounds and ulcers, and curing other skin diseases. Many of them are used as hemostatic, improve appetite and normalize the stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, blood vessels.

The healing properties of medicinal plants depend on active substances that are synthesized by plants from inorganic substances of soil, water, carbon dioxide, air, under the influence of light energy. These biologically active substances are produced in the process of life the plants and accumulate in the organs of his body. They are chemical compounds that have on the animal organism specific physiological and pharmacological effects that can restore and normalize the patient one or another pathological process, to enhance its overall resistance, to return the patient to active status and normal life.

The healing power of plants is known since ancient times. In folk medicine, herbal medicine has been and remains the main treatment. In our age of increasing industrial pollution of the biosphere, the frequent use of antibiotics,drugs of hemicelluloses led to the growth of allergic diseases, medical complications, decreased immunity of a person. All these factors contribute to enhance the interest in using medicinal plants in medical practice. The use of herbal remedies is important for medicine in our days. Due to the fact that biologically active substances have very complex chemical structure, their production is costly and time consuming process, and from plants, these substances are distinguished easily enough. Besides medicines, made from plants do not cause as a rule, of side effects, including common allergic reactions. The achievements of modern science allow not only to expand the range of actions already used medicinal plants, but also to implement a health care practice, all new types.

Currently, modern medicine uses more than five thousand substances, substances and preparations, the range of which is systematically updated. About 2/5 of the existing medicinal substances derived from medicinal plants. The use of means of plant origin due to their biological activity and the influence of biocomplex substances, the advantage is their low toxicity and the mildness of the action. Therefore, the use of herbal medicine is still relevant for practical medicine.

However we should not oppose the chemotherapy drugs of plant origin for medical practice as important as those, and others. Every medical preparation irrespective of the method of its production takes its place in the treatment process is the pharmacological action and the optimal range of indications for use. In some cases herbal medicine could be leading, while others aid only.

In this section You will learn about the healing properties of common plants that prefer to live in areas with special conditions, and familiar plants that can be found in almost any location: St. John’s wort. nettle. burdock. Daisy. the rose hips. Heather and others. In addition to public, in the present southern plants (e.g. eucalyptus ) and exotic guests, which today can be found in gardens and orchards in Central Russia ( eleutherocok. the fennel. Melissa and others).

Section “Properties of medicinal herbs” is inextricably linked to other sections and pages of the site In the world of herbs . Listed under medicinal plants form the basis of recipes filed under recipes of old healers. ABC family doctor. Aromatherapy in folk medicine, and others.

After studying the properties of herbs, our readers, it might be an interesting section at the Pharmacy window. which lists certain types of medicinal plants and their cultivation at home. In addition, certain plants mentioned in the Properties section of medicinal herbs are also food crops and are a rich diet of Vegetable cooking. They can also be grown with your own hands, not only in the garden plots, but also at home. Read about it in the section Room vegetables and fruits.

Notice notice of the contraindications to the use of herbs. Only precisely observing the dosage and given the characteristics of the organism (including food allergies) You will be able to achieve the exact therapeutic effect, which can give medicinal plants.

Properties of herbs
Among the plants that grow in fields, forests, meadows huge number of pharmaceutical or medicinal herbs. In this natural green pharmacy you can find remedies for the common cold and…


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