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Alternative medicine in Western Europe and Germany.
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Honey massage Kiev

We recommend You to experience the result myofascial massage (therapeutic point). If the muscles are clamped, movement limited and painful, frequent headaches haunt, then take advantage of our offer and will return to You fit and health! Inside there is a master masseur with medical education and great work experience.

Health is energy, energy is movement!

Massage promotes the flow of energy to all muscles and cells of the body, charging you with cheerfulness and positivity. The stagnation in muscles and joints block the flow of the energy, not allowing the blood flow to timely deliver essential minerals and enzymes necessary for our holistic health.

Accordingly, this results in negative and irreversible consequences for the whole organism.

Massages are different in purpose, intensity and focus.

It is worth noting that massage is not always pain and subsequent soreness.

In the Arsenal of our services is rasslablyayuschaya massages with aromatic oils and body wraps.

We assure that after such procedures your body will “sing in exultation”…

Competent expert in our salon, will offer you the right direction and the necessary massage techniques, prescribe the optimal number of procedures relevant to your problem, and guaranteed a positive result.

We guarantee improvement of your physical condition through massage treatments in our salon!

Contraindications :

hypertensive crisis;

high temperature;

the presence of hernias;

skin rashes.

Honey massage

Honey massage will give a unique opportunity to maintain skin tone. For maximum regeneration of body cells also need to be proper diet. Steam or water baths, wrap with herbal decoctions, applique saline and paraffin, ozocerite, mud and chocolate – perfect is a complete package aimed at keeping the tone of the dermis. With the help of honey massage and all of these procedures can achieve excellent results.

Honey massage Kiev

To urgently bring the figure in order will help honey massage Kiev knows firsthand about its wonderful features. When using such a procedure can be a lead figure in perfect condition for 3-4 weeks.

Honey massage used for the face – magical technique, which can be used to get rid of small chemical wrinkles, cleansing the pores. One session should last at least 10 minutes, the course should include 10-15 procedures.

Facial massage in Kiev with the use of honey will become much healthier and more beautiful. It will greatly improve circulation and the removal of toxins, the skin becomes elastic, resilient, gaining a healthy color. Bee products contain many useful vitamins and substances that penetrate the skin, stimulate the metabolic processes.

Massage for back pain

Massage is an effective remedy for figure correction. Such a procedure in wide range of activities, still used for medicinal purposes for diseases of the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. Gives excellent results massage for back pain, while it can be combined with drugs for external application.

Massage services for back pain at the SPA can be used by any client. Optional sessions are warm-up neck and collar zone, head, can be used honey, seaweed, coffee grounds or sea salt. For children prepared a special gentle programme.

Anti-cellulite massage Kiev

Anti-cellulite massage improves blood circulation, removes products of metabolism from the body, eliminate subcutaneous seal. Different branches of this massage will be the stabilizer of connective and muscle tissue, and stimulator of redox processes, will provide the cells with oxygen. Regular massage can also be an anti-cellulite if you use herbs, exfoliating scrubs from natural products, chocolate or dirt.

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