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Alternative medicine in Western Europe and Germany.

With the development of the science of medicine gradually split into two parts:

classic and unconventional.

Classical medicine were all that could be justified scientifically. All that does not give explanation from the point of view of science, related to alternative medicine. In this bit hit and healing.

And until now scientists can not explain the fact that in several sessions the healer saves a man from death in some cases. After all, healers don’t use any drugs, and the impact on the patient is through prayer i.e. healing energy.

But it’s not only energy healing but in the healer. A gift given to many, but use it in the service of people, not all. Many people can’t USE this gift. if there is internal and external cleanliness . After all, the healer acts not on gross ( physical). and the energetic plan. In addition they heal the body and soul, because I know that the source of all diseases is in the depth of human consciousness. Wrong use of the senses, emotions, their abilities, beliefs, karmic consequences brings the human body out of balance. With a strong and persistent violations, it starts to impact the human psyche in the form of stress, depression, phobias, as well as on the body and the physical body.Therefore, to purify the consciousness (the auric body) dragimage only one who is pure himself.

This healer is a conductor of “divine energy” that cures people

It redistributes it by hand. Such treatment is also very important and the attitude of the patient to the healer and the cure. It is important to trust strong belief that this method will help to cure the disease. This is necessary in order to mobilize the body, to distract him from his illness and to customize the recovery.Scientists have conducted numerous studies of the action of healers and healing energy, and the results of the experiments confirm the effectiveness of healing, as one of the methods of treatment. Moreover, it was found that during the session, changes occur not only with patient but also with the healer. English specialist in biofeedback C. Maxwell Cade, in conjunction with Joffrey Bandella demonstrated that the brain of all healers during the session emits waves of the same length.His gift healers give an explanation on the basis of their religious beliefs. But, they all confirm the fact that there is a source of energy with special abilities people can accumulate and pass on to others.The main force of the healer is its sincere desire to help people and love to this person. Otherwise the treatment will not be as effective. Currently the subject of healing has become very popular and so common that people refuse traditional methods of treatment.Healing is not just removal of the evil eye and spoilage, is a science, which makes life easier for people in need of assistance.

For example here in Germany is called alternative medicine?

Here is a medicine called Naturheilverfahren, i.e. treatment with natural methods and means . In everyday life they also say sanfte Medizin (sanfte – soft). This includes: chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture and other areas of natural medicine that aims at treating the causes of disease, harmonisation of organism, strengthening its internal reserves.

You can also say a few words about specific methods of diagnosis and treatment that uses Heilpraktiker.

Heilpraktiker has the ability to put the patient a fairly accurate analysis using irisdiagnosis (iris), laboratory tests and original ways of examination of the body. Reading auras through the gift of prophecy, with imposition of hands. The healer attaches the patient as much time as is necessary in order to listen to him. to make a psychological portrait. and to find the cause of the disease. I note that Germany is the birthplace of homeopathy.

Good Heilpraktiker cures on the principle of Seele-Koerper-Geist, what means: to bring into harmony body, soul, and spirituality. It is believed that physical health directly depends on the purity of thoughts and behavior. Heilpraktiker is also a psychologist. German Heilpraktiker outdoor often used by scientists and physicians method Neuraltherapie – the introduction of medicines, mainly herbs, with multiple injections in a specific area of the body or simultaneously in different parts of the body, often along the spine. But popular in Ukraine methods of ekstrasensorike and bioenergy the Germans did not take it seriously, considering it a trick. However, interest in these methods has recently increased in Germany . It should be noted that considerable attention in Western Europe and especially in Germany is paid to a balanced diet and purgation. They are quite popular in recent time machine Hydrocolon, Heilpraxis. In addition to the usual Heilpraxis in Germany there are special centers of natural medicine. In Herdecke is one of the few Anthroposphische Klinik, where treatment is based on the original completely natural methods. Now a lot russkoyazychnyh living in Western Europe and Germany which were confronted at home with anomalous phenomena. And know the power of “divine energy” used by healers. In Germany, kept the Christian shrines.

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