Sweet pea - Magical and medicinal properties of plants - All the materials
In ancient times, people endowed plants with magical and healing properties. Many of them were considered sacred, and some even worshiped, so it is not surprising that from herbs, flowers…

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Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine (hereinafter — N. m.) is a collection of people accumulated empirical knowledge about healing remedies, medicinal herbs and hygiene practices, and their practical application to maintaining health. the…

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15 of the rules of health from Chinese medicine
Do not think that China doesn't know classical medicine, which recognizes pills, powders and scalpel. On the contrary, all this in a developed country. But still, Chinese doctors have healed…

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Herbs of Siberia and Transbaikalia

When ordering stone oil, any herbs, herbal fees in the amount of 1500 rubles send the goods cash on delivery in regions of Russia!

We are pleased to welcome You to the magical and undiscovered world of the amazing nature of Siberia and TRANS-Baikal territory and to share with You as long been proven and is almost unknown secrets of preparing medicinal plants . roots and herbs, the secrets of the mysterious traditional medicine and the secrets of cooking traditional therapies.

Among the huge variety of ways to achieve the desired beauty and health take an important place in folk remedies . given to us by nature. In our time, many achievements of traditional medicine are already do not cause doubt among the adherents of the traditional methods of treatment because the healing properties of a considerable number of medicinal plants continues to be seriously studied and successfully applied for the preparation of medicines.

The company “Grasses of Siberia and Transbaikalia” offers medicinal plants, most of them endemics of the Irkutsk region, Buryat Republic, Siberia and TRANS-Baikal region, many of which are not well known and not widely distributed outside of the endemic zone for them. The collection and preparation of medicinal plants is carried out manually on the ecologically clean territories,which provides the highest quality prepared on their basis of traditional therapies and allows to preserve all their valuable, and often rare and unique natural features wonderful Transbaikalian herbs .

Herbs in Saint Petersburg

You will find a lot of useful information about the rich and diverse flora of our country, the properties and methods of application of medicinal plants and natural minerals for various diseases and for cosmetic purposes.

Description of medicinal plants are in two sections, one of which is “herbs” — is devoted to the description, properties and uses of medicinal herbs, leaves, fruits, and seeds, including leaves, fruits and bark of trees and shrubs. The second section — “Roots” — contains a description of the medicinal properties of roots and rhizomes of medicinal plants and ways of cooking them folk remedies of treatment of decoctions and infusions.

In the section “Fees” we have placed descriptions and herbal teas of various components which are selected in accordance with their compatibility with each other and focus their actions. In this section You can find descriptions as a vitamin and tonic herbal teas that can be used instead of the normal tea at any time of the year and herbal . aimed at preventing and combating specific diseases of the various systems of the human body, which should be applied strictly in accordance with their intended use with appropriate evidence.

A separate section is devoted to the description of Stone oil (Pacsun) — rare according to their natural qualities, produced in the Sayan mountains, is a natural mineral substance, saturating the human body with vital minerals and trace elements (which in stone oil 49), as well as contributing to the stabilization and improvement of metabolism, removal of waste, toxins and excess salts.

In the “Phytocomplex” You will find descriptions specially designed by our phytologie systems complex application of medicinal plants . and herbs, roots and rock oil depending on deviations from normal activity of the body, including disturbances in the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, endocrine and nervous system, gynecological, urological and oncological diseases.

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