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Treatment of hypertension folk remedies at home: is it realistic?

Treatment of hypertension folk remedies at home has extraordinary popularity among the hypertensive elderly. Watching the patients in the cardiology Department, involuntarily pay attention, as they discuss popular recipes, write new ones, I advise them to each other.

Medicinal herbs — a good helper in the treatment of hypertension at home. But if the disease has attacked the internal organs — the treatment of some herbs will not be successful

This is all good, just a pity that they do it too late – at the stage when their disease is already in the stage of decompensation. It is necessary to understand that if hypertension has already made a impact on the internal organs, altering their normal operation, not only herbs will cost. The first and basic rule – the systematic taking of prescribed medicines. The use of herbs.

You do not become a party to this plot, with hypertension need to start fighting earlier. immediately when my blood pressure began to rise periodically as a result of stress or lack of sleep. Understand and learn the recipes that we offer and do everything to not let the disease become your constant companion.

The main guarantor of success is the right approach

If you want to be treated from hypertension, with no changes in diet or mode– no success. Excess weight, salt, spices, Smoking, large amounts of fluid in the diet – your first enemies. You can buy the most expensive anti-hypertensive drugs, drinking litres of grass and for months, the pressure will still be to avenge and to rise, if you will be herbal teas to mix with coffee break and a cigarette.

Conclusion . set up and change the lifestyle. Watching your weight, eat healthy, not skip morning exercises.

Delicious prophylactic treatment

For the prevention of hypertension enter into the diet the following drinks:

Cranberry tea. Or steep the dry leaves of bilberry, or a bag of herbal tea purchased in the pharmacy. Lingonberry has a strong diuretic effect, so start with cranberry tea the morning of the input.

Cranberry juice. A great alternative to any drink hypertensive. The high content of vitamin C, a light diuretic effect of the cranberry are invaluable in the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Replace fruit drink usual coffee, feel the difference!

Compote of black chokeberry. A delicious beverage, extremely beneficial for hypertensive beginner. But can they enjoy if you have excellent blood work. Chokeberry slightly “thicken” the blood, therefore, with high platelets and her hemoglobin regularly use is not necessary.

Any honey drinks have a soothing effect and enriches body hypertensive the necessary antioxidants and vitamins. Add honey to milk at bedtime, herbal tea, if you do not suffer from diabetes.

Chronic conditions

Now let’s talk about when your diagnosis is confirmed and you have hypertension, which treat with medication. And, do it systematically.

Potassium composition

Potassium is an element necessary for the nutrition of the heart muscle and blood vessels. If you suffer from cramps in calf muscles, it is especially useful to you. In nature, the best source of potassium are the flowers and berries of hawthorn that you will surely find in our Slavic forests. The inhabitants of the metropolis may arrive easier – just buy the berries in the pharmacy.

Brew a tea from hawthorn, and it is not important that you use flowers or berries, and take warm. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day for a month and a half. And about the cramps, forget, and blood vessels strengthen.

Chamomile, nettle and chokeberry

Dried currants — healing product that helps in the treatment of hypertension at home.

Such components are mixed evenly and are welded to homemade hypotensive collection. Be prepared for the future the decoction should not be. The maximum number that can be stored in the refrigerator – ready 1 litre of broth. Take the vehicle up to 4 times a day. Helps reduce pressure at regular ten-day visit.


Probably, there is not a suburban area, where the season is not flaunted least productive currant Bush. When berry do not seek them immediately process them into jams and compotes – use for a hypertensive patient in such product no. Dry the berries in the air and get a wonderful home remedy for hypertension for the entire year. Drink currant tea after a 10-minute boiling, and a half-hour infusion for 14 days. Dose of 1 times of 120 grams/ three times a day.


Berries, bright, beautiful, high blood pressure is used in the form of an alcohol tincture. The recipe is good, though of great importance dose. Remember that any alcohol tinctures, home-cooked, should be taken as a medicine – 20-25 drops. Otherwise, if you drink “Kalinovka” glass of it, the effect will be opposite – the pressure will increase.

Water decoctions of viburnum preferable for hypertensive patients. Brew viburnum berries as well as hawthorn.

Complex medicinal mixtures of herbs

The recipes that are described below, require strict adherence to the dosages. They consist of several components and in violation of the proportions does not have a therapeutic action. So imagine yourself a real chemists, and start mixing herbs.

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