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Shamans of Peru



We are still amazed, discovering new and new secrets of ancient cultures. Mochica – one is the name sounds for the historian and researcher of Latin America as an invitation to open the door to a fabulous Past, in the distant ancient Peru, which is known not only for its unique pottery (SEE the ARTICLE “EROTIC POTTERY”), but also by the priests who were soothsayers and witch doctors.

They are the first on our planet began to use hallucinogenic plants and coke (SEE the ARTICLE “COCA”). The mochicas were a people of warriors and shamans, so all pondy, building and navigation in advance they “agreed” with his many gods.

For these purposes and used a special shamanic rituals, which are believed most Indians pre-Columbian America. The shaman was a soothsayer, counselor, healer, and guardians of upcoming trips (including the sea).

According to scientists, numerous mysterious mythological creatures on the dishes Mochica is shamans in their ritual masks. Shamans depicted on ceramic vessels, fighting with various weapons (including magical) against the forces of evil.It is no coincidence that among the extant Peruvian gold, there are some unusual items like Golden clubs, is clearly not fit for real combat, and therefore may play only a magical, symbolic meaning in the battles with otherworldly forces.

As a “tonic”, a kind of fighting doping shamans ispolzovali tincture of cactus. Unlike “modern European use of” as usual drug, the use of cactus was only part of the ritual psychic. To achieve your goal – contact with supernatural beings who could help the tribe or to the patient, the priests-shamans, fasted, meditated, danced for hours special ritual dances, i.e. did everything to enter into a trance, which was a dialogue with the higher powers to help the tribe or to the patient.

The shaman was supposed to be a person with full self-control – it was a condition of contact with the upper, and a seeker of knowledge, of revelation, not of pleasure or narcotic oblivion. He went down the road of souls to learn the truth and could not use the power given to him over on a whim. Therefore, the use of cactus does not cause drug dependence – after all, in modern parlance, it was (and is) their work, rather than the usual fun.

Most often the shamans used the cactus San Pedro, depicted in many drawings of the mochicas. This cactus contains 1.29 grams of a hallucinogenic substance called mescaline. For use cut it on the Mella portions and cooked, adding Misa, ornamo and condoleo (to do no harm, do not write these recipes in detail. ).

After coming ispanel the members of Christ, according to folk beliefs, the concept of “abstract evil”, resembling something like intensivnomu Christian devil. Some of the Christian images were later kind used by shamans and traditional practices in the use of the cactus San Pedro.

Cactus San Pedro is still in use in Latin America for the treatment of diseases that have emerged as a consequence of the given magical effects. Many Indians and mestizos still believe that to treat diseases caused by witchcraft (spoilage), it is possible, only by removing this affliction.

To perform this ritual the shaman (often with an assistant) and a patient is the victim of someone else’s witchcraft depart at night in Tambo is a specially pre-selected not having the walls of the shelter. Around have lots of smooth pebbles and sticks, which are nothing more than spirits that can protect against hostile wizards.

Next begins the ritual, and is used as a shamanic drug, the cactus San Pedro, which helps the shaman to get commanded, forbidden for ordinary people uninitiated in the knowledge of magical causes of diseases and about who sent them.

Shamans still represent something like “the people’s psychiatrists”, successfully curing the soul (i.e. mental and emotional zabolevaniya) by magical means. So exorcism is not just an ancient superstition, and it may be just another name for one of the many human diseases that are treated in the West, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and other specialists. But in Latin America people still help shamans.

Therefore, the tincture of cactus (still raspostranen Seymour – tincture five glucogenic cacti) is just one tool that can help the shaman in the treatment. A means of knowing oneself and the surrounding world.

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