Traditional medicine
Traditional medicine (hereinafter — N. m.) is a collection of people accumulated empirical knowledge about healing remedies, medicinal herbs and hygiene practices, and their practical application to maintaining health. the…

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15 of the rules of health from Chinese medicine
Do not think that China doesn't know classical medicine, which recognizes pills, powders and scalpel. On the contrary, all this in a developed country. But still, Chinese doctors have healed…

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Healers derive out of control
The government proposes to cancel special permits for the practice of traditional medicine The Cabinet of Ministers has prepared amendments to 49 regulatory documents facilitating business. One of the documents…

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Eight reasons to trust Chinese medicine

1. rich experience – more than 5000 years old 2. more than 5,000 natural ingredients 3. heals without surgical intervention 4. no side effects 5. the goal of treatment is recovery.

Why Chinese medicine?


Reason 1

Rich experience – more than 5000 years. Many “incurable” diseases that devastate Western patients were registered in the majority, and was treated for more than 5000 years in the East. The level of achievement and the complexity of the various methods based on the knowledge of traditional Oriental medicine can treat a wide variety of internal diseases, mental health and the challenges of gerontology. For example, some historical records on the use of herbs for treatment of infertility and miscarriage refer to the year 200 ad. They mention recipes, which are still used for the same purpose. The first book of Chinese medicine devoted to the problems of obstetrics and gynecology, was called “a Complete set of assignments effective for the treatment of female diseases” was published in 1237.

Reason 2

Used more than 5 000 natural ingredients. In the herbal formula used in more than 5 767 unique natural components.

Reason 3

Heals without surgical intervention and as a consequence cheaper. For example. Western doctors admit that surgery is not a panacea heart disease, and possible therapeutic methods are the only methods they have available. On the other hand, that same patient, if he only knew what would have to pay no more than $ 2500 to fix problems in the coronary vessels and arteries, and reverse the course of heart disease. With drugs of Chinese medicine ― the effect can be no less and without possible complications.

Reason 4

No side effects. A major rule in medicine: do no harm! For traditional Eastern medicine ― do no harm! – the basic law. It is well documented that, for example, one herbal formula, was developed 250 years, after which she received wide application. Compare this with 12 years research and 20 years of lifespan of most of today’s pharmaceutical drugs. Scientific studies prove that modern medicine is the slag blockage of energy channels of the body, which is the basis for the occurrence of diseases and deaths. Death from side effects of synthetic drugs because of medical error, are not, as a rule, in official statistics, but ranks fourth by number of deaths ― the exact figures are not kept, most of the errors are hidden, not recognized. We die, than be treated!

Reason 5

The goal of treatment is recovery. The goal of traditional Oriental medicine is to cure. It usually differs from the goals of Western medicine, which mainly focuses on elimination of symptoms, which deals only with our disease, not health. The basic rule of treatment is to eliminate the causes of disease, taking into account individual characteristics, Constitution, geographic location, time of year and other features of the “treat not the symptoms but the root cause.”

Reason 6

“The Supreme art of treatment is to prevent disease” ( “Huangdi nei Jing” — “the Book of the Yellow Emperor”). In the ancient classical work on Chinese medicine “Huangdi nei Jing”, written in the second century BC says: “the Preservation of order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has already occurred, like digging a well when thirsty, or forging weapons when the war began”. The philosophy of Oriental medicine directs the person to appreciate and maintain your health.

Reason 7

Method a single whole. Every person is a small universe where everything is interconnected ― the spirit and the body.

In Eastern medicine there is no concept of the disease, the entire body is considered as a harmonious whole. The human body has considerable power samoistselyatsya. If the body is in a pathological state, it needs to balance, restoring vital energy and to pay attention to associated with a sick body other bodies to identify the real cause of the disease. The treatment must be conducted comprehensively.

Reason 8

Add to themselves. Coming into contact with the products of Chinese medicine one learns “to listen”, to feel, to feel your body and his (body’s) reaction to the product taken. A very important point, which can be assessed only when touch.

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