Pain in the spine. "Is this all from the spine?" I will explain to the reader what was going on. I'm actually a journalist, but, going on reception to the…

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Pain in the spine.

“Is this all from the spine?”

I will explain to the reader what was going on. I’m actually a journalist, but, going on reception to the Professor Cursino, I was pursuing its purely human and not professional-journalistic purpose. The fact is that in recent years I have gathered quite a beautiful “bouquet” of all sorts of ills – as if the Lord g-d decided to punish me for something. It is a headache to distraction, belly, sorry, like a drum, the fingers being strangers, do not feel them at all. Well and insomnia: at four in the morning like whoever pushes – Wake up! Tablet swallow – like hours 2-3 people, then again everything as it was. Met a friend, cry on her. “Look,” he said, ” show yourself Corsino. He helped us a great deal – and me and my mother and my Svetka – right other people”.

And here I am with the Professor. And I hear that, it appears, and headaches, and problems with my hands, and my poor belly is all from one: of the spine. Honestly, I could not believe it. You know, there are narrow specialists; if he, the allergist, all the diseases from allergies, if the neurologist, all of the nerves etc., I think the Professor animalsexmoviesnlt, so he blame it on the spine. And then looked at the numerous certificates on the walls of the Cabinet and realized that, perhaps “narrow” the expert is not called. Here and specialization in psychotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, internal medicine, Allergology, gastroenterology.

– What am I to do, Professor? – ask.

– Like what? To be treated! Know that treat, know how to treat and know how to treat. With this guidance I start my treatment…

Since then it’s been more than two years. I feel good. During this time I again visited the clinic of Michael Kurchina – received a course of preventive treatment. I work a lot and notice that my head is like “enlightened” and none of the fatigue which so tormented me in the morning.

These short notes I wrote on one breath, with obvious inspiration. I’m sure that like me very much. Give them GD health!

We asked Professor Michael Kurchina please tell us more about his clinic: what diseases are most successfully treated and what treatments are used in his clinic. Here is what he said.

Most of our patients are people who previously unsuccessfully treated in health care facilities: clinic, private clinics. Many of them suffer from various pains (headaches, back pain, arms, legs, shoulders). In treatment we use all specijalnih methods: acupuncture (including, magnetic acupuncture), laser therapy, electrophysiological treatment, massage and manual therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasonic treatment focus on the patient, bioresonance therapy and more. In many cases, our patients are able to avoid back surgery, which they recommended in the clinic.

We have successfully cured alcoholism. After the treatment with the use of special equipment from the USA we are within half a year provided to former alcoholics free psychological support, which greatly improves the efficiency of treatment. I can say that those drinkers are people who REALLY wanted to recover from addiction – they all stopped drinking! Similar principles of treatment are used to eliminate the excess of appetite in individuals wanting to lose weight. Such techniques we successfully used for the elimination of thrust to Smoking.

In our clinic we use laboratory methods to diagnose the causes of reduced potency in men. Without a proper diagnosis, the doctor-sexologist provides treatment using ultrasound, acupuncture, massage prostate. And man again becomes a MAN!

For a more accurate diagnosis in the clinic use a non-linear bioresonance computer diagnostics. which allows you to determine the most initial manifestations of the disease.

A modern German instrument helps clean the body of toxins. cleaning the most zachelacivania region in the body – the colon.This procedure contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body, helps to get rid of bloating, feelings of chronic fatigue.

Our dentists have mastered the most modern methods of dental treatment, prosthetics, restoration of correct occlusion, plantasia (implantation of artificial teeth).

Wish our readers good health! Well, if there’s a problem – we are happy to come to your aid.

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