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Varicose ven hirudotherapy – leech Treatment varicose veins

Varicose ven hirudotherapy

Together with medical cure varicose veins, today extensively used hirudotherapy, leeches cure for merits purposes . These drugs enter the bloodstream during the entire exercise, starting with the episode of a sting honey leeches varicose ven hirudotherapy . The result of this weakened tissues difficult to cope with the amount of blood increased in pregnancy: varicose veins surgery for free .

Get rid of varicose veins with the help of bloodsuckers. The method of hirudotherapy – treatment with leeches for several.

Varicose veins (part 1) by semeinaya 4, 5.

Closest to the technical essence is used a method of treatment of varicose veins by consoles leeches on the point zone.

At an initial stage of varicose ailments healing leech allows you to get rid of the pain and heaviness in the legs, swelling, numbness, and convulsions. The method of hirudotherapy — healing with leeches closely for several centuries been used for the treatment of varicose veins and proved. Thanks to the healing properties of hirudin, the cure of varicose veins evkaliptola to fight inflammation, blood clots in the veins with all this dissipates and is no longer formed.

The leech therapy was carried out according to scheme 1, day 1 leech on the hemorrhoidal area before full saturation, the 2nd day of 5 leeches at the sacral area on 40 minutes with further automatic deleting, then consoles leeches up to full saturation produced locally on the leg, alternating with prefixes in the corpus cavernosa (CT) and spongy (GT) of the body or on the area of the umbilical-gallbladder triangle of priorities in the upcoming 3rd and 4th exercise of the leech (5 PCs. To the great delight, in consequence of childbirth varicose veins often disappear unexpectedly similar, say have any. The proposed method of treatment of varicose veins increases the impact of healing through the detoxification of the lower Vena cava and portal system, as the data point boxes are placed in areas of strong venous and lymphatic anastomoses of the lower extremities, the patient And the medical leech is officially considered to be a therapeutic agent and is on the register of therapeutic agents. Primarily varicose veins (varicose veins) tormented the people who for generation service a large amount of time standing and sitting. ). By yourself can say, actually I podsoblyaet great Detralex, I have it 2 times a year in 2 months, but the result is really too excellent, aching pain at night and went lighter on my feet showed up. Generally happy with the service and core values! I’m of the opinion that it is much better to refer almost constantly to the proven experts, to qualified! And this hospital is closer to the market closer to 12 years, and this talks about many things. Systematic pressure is highest in veins vossozdaet atrophy of the muscular tissue of the walls of the veins and leads to destruction of the nerves that regulate venous tone. Varicose veins leads to the formation of hypodermic nodes that have a chance to burst. In this period, the body increases the amount of hormones that weaken the collagen and connective tissue, increasing the walls of blood vessels. To go to the reception to mammologist-oncologist is then, how soon you will need.

Varicose veins leads to the formation of hypodermic nodes that have a chance to burst. In the case of not having the reaction the results of treatment are maloudivitelno, At the expense of this pathological process is constrained, the vascular spasm is removed, and increases blood flow.

A’in pulled profuse epistaxis, setting leeches on the coccyx and in the area of the anus. Techniques of medical leeches in the cure of varicose veins is rather difficult and strongly encourages qualified disposition,

Therefore, the healing of varicose veins, announced detoxification intake perfectly including when consoles provide the cutaneous histamine reaction. Detox consultations, client support, reference service, cure with leeches.

Cure varicose veins with leeches hirudotherapy how efficient these days? Healing varicose veins with leeches was too prevalent 10-20 years ago, and used vigorously at the moment. To my utter joy, after childbirth varicose veins often disappear unexpectedly similar, say it was noticed. Because you should think, before than to trust their health professionals piasachnik. This article is an expression of the 1st view, one side of the coin as to productivity of the treatment of varicose veins with leeches hirudotherapy for varicose veins.

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