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Herbs for the eyes – the use of herbs for the treatment of diseases of the eye

Eye treatment herbs

Eyes are very delicate organs of our body, thanks to them we can perceive information from the outside world.

Diseases and defects associated with eyes often occur due to functional disorders. These disorders mostly very easily can be cured through traditional medicine. For maintaining good vision is important to eat right and eat the vitamins.

The use of herbs for the eyes speeds up the healing process.

Group of herbs to treat eye

Medicinal herbs and fees can be divided into several groups for an easier understanding of their impact.

Vitamin herbs and fees (to restore the body in General and the completion of certain vitamins for eyes).

Anti-inflammatory (for the treatment of various inflammations).

Herbs common actions (to restore the metabolic processes in the body, the nervous system and the removal of harmful substances)

Special herbs and fees (used to treat specific diseases).

The plants, after drying, it is recommended to finely chop and place in pre-measured packets for easy use. Before cooking any option it is recommended to grind them severely.

The use of medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs for the treatment can be used in the form:

Prigotovlennaja of the medicinal product have their own characteristics.

The use of decoctions and infusions possible, both internally and externally, in the form of compresses, rubbing and lotions. These procedures do for 10 to 20 minutes, in an amount of from 2 to 5 times a day. The adoption of infusions and decoctions inside is usually half or a quarter Cup several times a day.

Tincture is alcohol-based or ether. At home you can prepare alcohol. They are stored for a long time, does not lose its medicinal properties. The preparation of the tincture is made by grinding raw materials and pouring vodka or alcohol, and his further insistence a certain number of days.

The eye disease treatment herbs

Currently, ophthalmologists often used drugs with herbs. But often it is an additional therapy to the main treatment. Eye disease often occur due to functional disorders of the body, so the use of medicinal herbs to restore the entire body leads to vision improvement.


1. The use of medicinal herbs in treatment you should discuss with your doctor.

2. Be sure to watch the quality of your herbs, it is advisable to buy them in pharmacies or specialized stores.

3. If you have allergies or other negative reactions to certain plant, replace it with similar properties.

4. The duration of treatment with a single drug should not be more than one month.

5. Independently preserve the plants, only if you know them well.

The herb eyebright for the eyes

Effective remedy to treat eye disease is considered to be the herb eyebright. Infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs that is used both topically and internally. Use it to wash out eyes to eliminate various inflammations.

When using inside reduced intraocular pressure as well as the intensity of inflammatory processes of the eye, also recommended this herb for frequent eye strain or impaired vision at high loads.

Recipes use herbs eyebright for the eyes

Take 50 grams eyebright and pour one liter of boiling water.

Wrap with a warm towel and leave for a while to infuse.

When the infusion has cooled, it should drain and then make lotions for the eyes.

Take a cotton ball and place in the infusion, to put on the sore eye.

You can also use it to wash the eyes several times a day.

Inside uses this herb in decoction herb 2 grams per 100 grams of milk. Drink decoction during the day. The course of treatment – 2 weeks.

In conclusion, I should add, when using herbs to treat the eyes. be sure to consult with a specialist, because the medication can be negative.

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