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Alternative medicine in Germany

Heilpraktiker is a specialist in alternative medicine

Supplemental medical insurance helps pay for the treatment of a healer

Currently in Germany there is an increasing interest to specialists non-traditional, “natural” medicine (Heilpraktiker). This extraordinary surge in popularity is due to the fact that many people, not finding help from conventional medicine, are turning to safer and gentler methods of healing methods of traditional medicine.

These methods originated centuries, and even millennia, ago and applied for such a long time, have established themselves as the least dangerous and most in harmony with human nature. Their efficiency is proven by many scientific studies nowadays.

But, despite the huge interest in folk methods of treatment of diseases, there is a certain distrust of experts of nonconventional medicine. In this article I will try to answer common questions related to the activities of healers, thus dissipating the distrust of the representatives of this profession.

Who is a Heilpraktiker?

The profession of Heilpraktiker ( witch doctor, healer) originated in Germany in 1939, the year after the approval of the relevant law (Heilpraktikergesetz). According to this law, only two occupational groups in Germany have the right to treat people – doctors and Heilpraktiker.To practice the methods of folk medicine only after passing the exam at the Board of health (Gesundheitsamt). To pass the exam is difficult enough, only 20 % of applicants become qualified practitioners. Medical direction Heilpraktiker has no exact analogue in most other countries, so I use the article German word.

What is different Heilpraktiker from the doctor?

Heilpraktiker treats the whole person, affecting the whole organism, not individual parts. His task is to balance the three entities of the patient: body, mind and soul. It does not involve chemicals, surgeries, etc. and methods used by the healer, have virtually no side effects.

Field of the healer covers all fields of medicine, with the exception of some infectious diseases (malaria, cholera, etc), sexually transmitted diseases, surgeries, x-ray. He has no right to prescribe allopathic drugs such as antibiotics, analgesics, painkillers, drugs containing cortisone, etc.

Methods of diagnosis and therapy Heilpraktiker, radically differ from the methods of classical medicine. Here are some of the diagnostic methods: bioresonance testing (e.g., heavy metals, parasites, allergens, etc.), diagnostics by the iris, pulse and tongue diagnosis, kinesiology testing and others.

Methods of therapy, Heilpraktiker used are: homeopathy, phytotherapy, acupuncture, gerudoterapiya, chiropractic, osteopathy, bioresonance therapy, Dorn-Broysa and others.

How long is the therapy session?

Heilpraktiker spends much time each patient. As the course of treatment is prescribed individually, it is very important to listen carefully to the patient. The first session usually lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours. It discussed not only the patient, but all agitation, anxiety, in fact, all that lies in his heart. Subsequent sessions last about an hour.

What funding opportunities exist?

State health insurance Fund, unfortunately, do not pay the costs of treatment by Heilpraktiker. In this case, can help an additional private health insurance. There are a lot of additional health benefits: DKV deutsche Krankenversicherung, die der ARAG Heilpraktikerversicherung, Heilpraktiker – Zusatzversicherung der Barmenia and others.

Most insurance companies offers different packages of services, which includes, in addition to the costs of treatment Heilpraktiker (or conventional medical practitioner), such additional services as, for example, the cost of glasses or dentures. The range of services each insurance company is different.

Almost all insurance companies with rates of treatment Heilpraktiker, offer the following services: payment for 80% of the set of healer accounts, return up to 80% of the cost of prescription medications, the maximum payout is 1,000 euros a year.

When calculating the insurance premium takes into account the age and sex of the insured. The monthly premium can range from 7 to 30 or more euros per month. At the conclusion of the Treaty revealed the presence of chronic diseases of the insured person that affects the amount he guaranteed services. That is why, choosing additional insurance, it is important to not only compare the rates and the premiums of several of them, but be sure to know under what conditions the insurance company will not make any payments for treatment.

Some insurance companies refuse to conclude contracts with persons, going to the healer. For example, deutsche Krankenversicherung (DKV), has the most favorable Heilpraktiker-rate at the moment, but does not enter into a contract with those who have ever visited such a specialist.

Conclusion from the above: one who would like to make an additional health insurance rate for Heilpraktiker, we should not expect the onset of chronic diseases and should take out insurance before contacting a specialist. Better to take care of your health in advance.

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