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Sweet pea – Magical and medicinal properties of plants – All the materials

In ancient times, people endowed plants with magical and healing properties. Many of them were considered sacred, and some even worshiped, so it is not surprising that from herbs, flowers and trees made amulets and charms. Among the many plant species that today exist on our planet, the most mysterious is a flower with extraordinary flavor – sweet peas (Lathyrus or sweet).

This flower is a legend that reveals the mystery of his appearance (of course mythical). This legend says that one fine Sunny day the goddess flora (the patron Saint of flowers), performed a walk together with forest nymphs in the shade of the trees. Suddenly her eyes appeared a beautiful colorful butterflies that flitted around merrily. After some time, the cute creatures decided to have a good time and chose the nearest Bush. Colorful butterflies are so elegant and looked beautiful on the branches, creating the illusion of flowers on green leaves and shoots of a Bush. What he saw was so inspired by Flora that she decided to revive this plant, calling it “the most beautiful”.

The history of the breeding of sweet peas

There are several versions, from where were brought these sweet-scented flowers. According to the official version sweet peas to Europe came from southern Italy and Sicily. It happened over 300 years ago, when the monk Francisco Copanies Sicily, while walking along the walls of the monastery, suddenly felt an incredibly pleasant aroma. He began to seek the source of the amazing smell and they were sweet peas. After collecting the seeds, a monk sent them to my English friend R. Uvaldo, who lived in the County of Middlex. So sweet pea has started its journey around Europe.

But the first mention of sweet peas was in Ancient Greece. Then, the famous philosopher Theophrastus called the flower of lathyrus (lat. very attractive). Also worth noting is the fact that during the Troy excavations, archaeologists found pots with the seeds of this plant. In the wild sweet peas can be found in India, South America, China, Northwest Africa and many other countries.

But the most popular sweet peas bought in England. It was here in the early 17th century began to cultivate this ornamental plants. In the 19th century with breeding sweet peas did the Scot Henry Eckford. The fruit selection was not only fragrant, but also extraordinarily beautiful flowers sweet peas. For this discovery the breeder has received the highest Royal award.

Soon sweet pea began to occupy the most honorable place in the homes of the English aristocracy. Even today not one English garden, the design is created in a classic style, it is impossible to imagine without these flowers that emit a sweet, fragrant aroma. In our days there are more than 1 thousand varieties of sweet peas, which are combined into 16 groups of garden.

Magical properties of sweet peas

As for the magical properties of sweet peas, then first of all it should be noted that in ancient times this plant (or rather woven from flowers and stalks of wreath) was a symbol of fertility. So sweet pea was an indispensable element in various national ceremonies and holidays. Naturally this plant has found its application in magic and sorcery (symbolizes money. material wealth and prosperity).

Among the main magical properties of sweet pea note courage, physical strength and endurance that it gives its possessor. In addition, many people in ancient times argued that if you want to attract men and to cause them to have affection and friendliness, you need to wear fresh flowers of this plant. It was also believed that if the hand to keep the sweet peas, the people around you will not be able to lie to you, they will always be honest and give truthful information.

Another magical sweet pea applications were received in the bedroom of the girls, as if this plant was located there – it provides integrity. Naturally, these fragrant flowers played a big role in love magic (love spell).

Medicinal properties sweet peas

The healing properties of sweet pea is not yet fully understood, so in traditional medicine, this plant is not used, especially because a large number of beans can lead to poisoning. But in folk medicine, sweet peas being used since ancient times. It is believed that the rite fragrant great help during avitaminosis and for colds, as it strengthens the immune system.

Decoction of tubers officials advise to use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (diarrhea), cardiovascular system, and insomnia. Tincture of sweet peas has a good expectorant effect, therefore, in folk medicine it is used for the treatment of respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.).

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