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The benefits and harms of chicken eggs

In this article we will tell you about the benefits and harms of chicken eggs. And also pay attention to the fact, whether useful or harmful, chicken eggs raw.

Long time among doctors, ordinary people there is controversy about the benefits and harms of chicken eggs. A lot of dishes cooked from eggs. Released a large number of books about the fact that eggs can be cooked a thousand different dishes. Chicken eggs are eaten raw, roasted.

I want to tell you about the benefits of eggs. Chicken eggs are considered easily digestible product. Boiled, fried eggs are easy to digest. Raw eggs are digested poorly, and even are dangerous. But about the dangers of raw eggs, we’ll tell you later.

Egg protein contains all the necessary for the human body nourishing proteins, amino acids.

The yolk also contains nutrients. It is composed of beta, Holi-carotene, vitamins a, E, b, D. Zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium – all it contains chicken yolk. All of these trace elements are needed every day for proper operation of the human body.

Chicken eggs, the benefits of which asked the majority of mothers, even children. Of course, do not abuse the eggs if you don’t want to harm your body. Scientists say that eggs would benefit them enough to eat one thing a day.

Eggs pinocytosis the human body. In food value they are almost equal for products such as black and red caviar. One egg replaces up to fifty grams of meat, two hundred milliliters of milk. Clearly visible to their use. Egg white on its value is not inferior to milk protein, beef. Eggs are considered nutritious, complete food.

We will focus on the benefits and harms of raw eggs. Scientists still have not figured out whether the use of raw eggs. It is believed that the eggs in raw form is less well absorbed by the body. If the shell has minor damage, the inside product can penetrate the bacteria. Interesting is the fact that people in ancient times meat was consumed only raw eggs, and be healthy.

Raw eggs are harmful only due to the presence of the bacteria of salmonellosis. Therefore all doctors recommend to handle the eggs by thermal method.

Those people who believe that raw eggs are more good than harm, partly right. After all, when heat treatment is substances, and the protein structure changes. Raw protein benefits for coughs, and reduces acidity.

Today it is impossible to find accurate information about benefit from harm, raw, boiled eggs.

Eggs, about the dangers, the benefits of which we speak, are widely used in cosmetology. Using eggs prepare hair masks, face. They nourish and moisturize the skin, hair.

And now we will tell you about the benefits and harms boiled chicken eggs.

The egg shell contains calcium. If you need to replenish it in your body, then grind in a mortar shell. Add powder to food.

– If hair falls out, then use this mask: mix the juice of half a lemon, two egg yolks raw. Add twenty drops of castor oil. Whisk the mixture. Received the tool onto the hair. After thirty minutes rinse with warm water.

– If sprain my wrist, prepare the following means. Separate the yolk from the protein. Soak in it a piece of the flap, wrap them wrist. And then wrap a warm cloth. Leave the poultice overnight. Repeat the procedure ten days.

– In cooking, can not do without the use, use boiled eggs. To eggs do not lose their properties, not digest, do not overcook them! Benefit eggs, boiled “in the bag”.

Myths about benefits and harms of chicken eggs:

1)Chicken eggs are harmful, because they provoke an increased production of cholesterol.

A chicken egg contains a lot of saturated fat, which produces the cholesterol. But the egg also contains phospholipids that lower the cholesterol.

2)Chicken eggs bring harm to the human liver.

Phospholipids, which are part of the eggs frees the liver from toxic substances, therefore, tangible harm they bring. The eggs frees the liver from alcohol.

3)If you eat at night one chicken egg, it will be a long time to digest, which will bring the body harm.

It is not so. The longer you cook eggs, the longer they are absorbed by the body. And this is regardless of what time of day you ate the egg. The egg that is cooked hard-boiled, digested for one hundred and eighty minutes in the stomach. Harm can only be read that any food that was eaten after five o’clock in the evening, the stomach is in a “dead” load, and is not digested, because the body produces enzymes for digestion from six in the morning until six in the evening.

4)If the yolk is bright, it will bring benefits to the body.

It is not so. The color of the yolk depends on the diet of chickens, as well as from the use in food additives. The use of eggs is greatly increased.

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