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Traditional Chinese medicine and the treatment of problem skin

Traditional Chinese medicine, which today includes a lot of different directions, began to develop more than five thousand years ago. Currently in many hospitals of China use its methods along with methods of official medicine. She was also quite widespread in Europe and North America; in Western countries millions of people each year seek help from experts in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM methods are used, for example, in the treatment of back pain back Pain: do not start the process . depression Depression is a little more than a bad mood . osteoarthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer breast Cancer – the verdict? .

Basic concepts of TCM

Between TCM and conventional medicine there are fundamental differences, and one of the most important is the different vision of man and his diseases.

The body is a single unit. Representatives of TCM do not treat a separate authority that is the source of the disease, and the whole body. In their view, to cure a person, you need to act on his physical body and on the mind, emotions, Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code, and spirit, and life energy, which is the basis of all of our lives. In addition, according to the theory of TCM, the body is all that is needed for healing.

People closely connected with the surrounding world. The time of day and year, geographical location and climate is no less important in the choice of treatment than the age of man, his genetic characteristics, and other factors.

Prevention is the best treatment. The human body constantly gives different signs about the condition of their own health, but we often ignore them until then, until there are serious problems. It’s not the most effective strategy to take care of your health. TCM teaches us to understand the language of his own body, and to be more involved in prevention rather than treatment.

Yin and Yang is one of the most important concepts in TCM, according to which the whole world, including all living organisms, is formed by two opposing, but complementary forces of one another. The balance between Yin and Yang is the key to not only physical health, but also overall well-being of the person.

Qi Energy. According to TCM, the human body (and not only), through energy channels – meridians, circulating Qi life energy. The disease is caused by the fact that in certain parts of the body circulation of Qi energy is disturbed, and for the healing you need to recover.

Development of disease – from the point of view of TCM

The first stage. An imbalance of Qi energy. The patient begins to experience mild discomfort, from time to time he appeared weakly expressed symptoms. Usually at this stage people think that serious no problem, and soon all will pass by itself; many people use OTC drugs or medicinal herbs.

The second stage. The balance of energy affects the internal organs, as well as their interaction. The symptoms become more pronounced, begin to cause severe discomfort. It is believed that the methods of Western medicine at this stage, the disease is still impossible to identify.

The third stage. The symptoms of the disease begin to affect the quality of human life. At this stage, patients usually can no longer postpone the visit to the doctor; disease is detected, and begin to heal those or other methods.

Specialists, TCM practitioners typically use the following methods to assess the condition of the patient: inspection (inspect very often language), conversation with the patient, palpation, including pulse measurement. In addition, practitioners in the diagnostic process can appreciate the sounds that man makes when the breath and body odors. In TCM applies a variety of therapeutic techniques; we’ll talk about the most common of them.

The herbal treatment. In the list of herbs used in TCM, includes hundreds of names. Use herbs for tea, making tinctures and powders; they also take capsules. In TCM also uses some minerals and animal products.

Acupuncture. It is not known when exactly in Ancient China began practicing acupuncture. The age of stone and bone needles for acupuncture, which were found during the excavation, is estimated at several thousand years. At the same time, we know that acupuncture for centuries to help people get rid of many diseases.

In acupuncture needles – which are now made from stainless steel – are used to influence the meridians to restore the flow of Qi energy. It is believed that after the movement of energy through the channels back to normal, and restored the functioning of organs that have become sources of disease.

Health food. According to the theory of TCM, each product, one way or another, affects the body, including the circulation of energy. A specialist in TCM, examination, can prescribe a special diet that will meet the needs of his body, and gradually will save him from health problems.

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