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All kids love animals, and animals reciprocate, and some even have a therapeutic effect.


For example, it is widely believed that good doctors are dolphins. In the Baltics there is one and the Dolphinarium is located in Klaipeda (Lithuania). But if many of you know that here you can enjoy spectacular shows, only a few are aware of the opportunity to be in this place a course of Dolphin therapy.

However, at the moment, the Dolphinarium was closed for reconstruction, and information about when it will open, yet. The film crew of the program “mother’s Club” was able to visit it before it was closed and figure out how to pass such classes.

The teacher Dolphin Brigita Crivineanu immediately emphasized: the Dolphin therapy is not a cure, it is primarily contact and communication with the animal. Dolphin therapy is carried out by specially trained experts who help to select an individual approach to the patient. “Dolphin therapy has a positive effect, which is associated with psychological aspects, as well as motor development and movement,” explains physiotherapist Christine Stalidzane.

Dolphins emit a special ultrasound, which is located in front of the head. This ultrasound has a positive effect on all humoral mechanisms in the body, that is activated all vnutrenniaia. Improved heartbeat, digestion, can improve the respiratory system. Dolphin therapy promotes the development of the brain. Therefore, if the child has problems of psychomotor development, very often parents are advised to contact delfinoterapii.

The Dolphin therapy consists of 4 stages:

the first stage – acquaintance with the expert, without which therapy is not possible;

the second stage is the acquaintance of your baby with the environment in which it happens;

the third stage is acquaintance with objects – toys and dolphins themselves;

the fourth and most exciting stage – the process itself, when the child goes to swimming with dolphins.

“The most interesting thing in Dolphin that dolphins choose how to treat, how and with whom they will communicate. It’s amazing! In my practice there was a girl who had serious health problems, at age 14 she practically did not move and was bound to a wheelchair. After a trip to the Dolphinarium to therapists, the girl began to walk. Actually, the effect of Dolphin therapy is simply superb, and we have not heard not one negative comment,” says Christine Stalidzane.

Lithuanian Dolphinarium in working with children with special needs began in 2001, and its results exceeded all expectations. Delfinoterapii to the parents of children who have put the most different, at first glance, incurable diagnoses – autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and even cancer.

“Is that healthy children have problems with socialization in the environment. Such children Dolphin therapy is also recommended. Dolphins become friends, and then the children overcome their psychological barriers. Improvements come each time visiting therapy,” the therapist has identified another beneficial effect of therapy.

By and large, to do Dolphin every child, except for the presence of any skin diseases, infections, allergies. In this case, you must consult in advance with the family doctor, and find out whether it is possible for the child to attend such events.

In order to get to the Dolphin, you need to enroll and wait for their turn, which, unfortunately, rather big. “Unfortunately we have to wait sometimes for a long time. There was a case when parents waited 6 years, but in General you should be guided that the smallest waiting period of about six months,” says Brigita Crivineanu.

If you don’t have time to wait that long, there are other, less successful, methods of animal therapy.


“Why many believe that zootherapy is associated only with dolphins or some large animals. Believe me, it starts with Pets. It is scientifically proven that animals contribute to the correct and prompt development of the child. Moreover, they develop not only mentally, but physically,” says Christine Stalidzane.

Choosing a pet, consider your child’s personality. If he is very restless, a lot of stress, it is recommended to get a cat, as it soothes, especially if it’s an old affectionate cat who may lie with the child. If a baby has low muscle tone and his need to motivate to the movements, choose smart good dog.

In Latvia also popular is equine therapy (in German) or hippotherapy (translated from French) – therapeutic riding. To deal with it can almost all children who are able to sit stably.

The horse moves in different planes, respectively, skating a very positive effect on your entire muscular system and muscular system, and bone structure. It is also interesting that the body temperature of the horse is also a very beneficial effect on the child.

As a rule, initially the child travels with a specially obojeni therapist who takes him on hands, and later parents can also participate in such trips.

Choosing one or another type of animal therapy, guided by the needs and preferences of the child to the chosen method yielded the most successful results.

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