Tangerines: benefit or harm?
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To resume planting of medicinal plants in Kuzbass offer
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Section of physiotherapy in our centre the two main electroprocedure – muscle toning and electrophoresis. Myostimulation. Movement is life, good tone muscles is essential for health and beauty. Well, if…

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Section of physiotherapy in our centre the two main electroprocedure – muscle toning and electrophoresis.


Movement is life, good tone muscles is essential for health and beauty. Well, if You can afford regular workouts in the gym, but if not? Then comes the toning. The gist of it is that the muscles under the influence of weak alternating current begin to decline, as under different physical exercises. But there are advantages: the procedure utilizes all the muscle fibers (striated and smooth, down to the deep muscles), nerve fibers, walls of large vessels and capillaries. As a result of developing the effect is not only in muscles but also in the subcutaneous tissue, and, indirectly, in the skin. This is impossible to achieve with normal exercise. After a single course miostimuljatsii there is the effect of lifting muscles, eliminates sagging skin, puffiness goes away. This treatment combines therapeutic and cosmetic effects in the most natural way. That is why it is universal, can be used on the face and neck and the whole body. In myostimulation are different kinds of currents, which are selected by the doctor depending on the assigned tasks and goals. The currents are alternated with an interval of 5 minutes, to avoid muscle habituation. From the type of current depends on the preemptive effect of the procedure. Main types ( of exposure)currents:

Muscle toning – muscle contractions in a certain mode, provides a “pumping” of the muscles.

Lifting rhythmic pulse impact on the connective tissue. Improves skin elasticity, which helps eliminate or reduce “footprints” of past volumes: sagging skin, and decreased turgor

The electrolipolysis is a safe procedure, it does not lead to the destruction of fat cells, but leads to an intense breakdown of fat within the cells, then the granules of the fat out of fat cells into the lymphatic system. This reduces the volume and density of body fat. Electrolipolysis effectively destroys cellulite and sculpting, eliminating fat folds

Lymphatic drainage – direct current, enables the body to digested fats and products of metabolism via the lymphatic system.

Diversity impact miostimuliruyuschy currents allows to use them for cosmetic purposes myostimulation face and neck. for the purposes of correction while reducing the body mass – muscle toning with body wraps. as well as toning muscles for medical purposes – “fix” the back muscles osteochondrosis, of the muscles of the arms and legs.


Electrophoresis is a method of delivery to body tissues drugs with the help of electric current. Thus ions of drugs are introduced through the ducts of sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin. Preimushestvenno painless medication and no side effects of pharmacological drugs. Particularly useful electrophoresis with the drug karipazim, which is used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for treating minor hernias of the spine. Karipazim – proteolytic enzyme product based on the juice of the papaya, has a positive effect on the collagen of cartilage, contributes to reducing the size of the hernia and the removal of pain. For the treatment of intervertebral hernias apply long courses – 3 courses for 30 procedures, a total of 90 procedures. The process is laborious and time-consuming. That’s why we offer You to spend one training session with karipazim electrophoresis, to show the method of arrangement of electrodes, to measure response to treatment and to pick up necessary equipment ( unit + pad ) for self-treatment at home. Details here: electrophoresis with karipazim.

To any electroprocedures there are contraindications. The main contraindications:

Blood diseases, tendency to bleeding; cardiac arrhythmias ( atrial fibrillation, blockade, etc.), presence of a pacemaker poor circulation above the 2nd stage; Renal and hepatic failure; Neoplasms; Pregnancy; Active tuberculosis of the lungs and kidneys; Thrombosis; kidney Stones, urinary and gall bladder;; Acute purulent inflammation; Hypersensitivity to pulse current.

Before going through electroprocedure you must first fill out a QUESTIONNAIRE. which you can download here or obtain from the administrator of our center. Based on the questionnaire results, the doctor will clarify whether You can undergo electro-stimulation.

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