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The practice of medicine and stomatologie in Ancient Egypt

It was not uncommon to find that people living in Pharaonic times, were processed by specialists in complex medical science. There is evidence that those experts in the field of medicine and dentistry in Ancient Egypt practiced what today is considered to be highly skilled methods. Mummies have been discovered that have received neuro-surgery for the treatment of tumors and aneurysms. Certificate of orthodontics, the use of gold to fill teeth and dental hygiene were seen to exist in ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians paid great attention to their health, and it is believed that life expectancy was longer in Egypt than in any other part of the known world. The doctors were so well trained that people from other countries came to Egypt to study and was considered a great advantage when they returned home, and let it be known that they have received a medical education in Egypt.

Medicine was highly specialized. Were those who specializes in the treatment of the face and specializes in internal medicine, other complaints of the head and some forms of medicine were the sole prerogative of women. There are paintings showing the doctor, taking the pulse of his patient, require knowledge about the function of the heart.

For the most part, both dentistry the doctors were paid into the state Treasury, but in some cases they were permitted to take fees from patients. If they were on a foreign journey or attached to the army they could never charge for their services.

The standards were established and were rules and regulations about medical practice and dentistry. Can not vary the treatment for a particular disease, when all Orthodox methods were not used and failed. There were often severe penalties for practitioners who are unable to practice in accordance with established standards. If the patient died, there would have been no punishment of the doctor unless he did not carry out his treatment of the patient in a standard manner. If each medication was administered in accordance with the medical law, they were absolved from guilt, if the patient will not recover. They were allowed some freedom if after three days there was no improvement, and alternative methods can be used.

It is interesting to note that these alternative methods were what we today would call the occult. Were terms of use, except scientific methods and, of course, where there was an element of frustration, as family members and doctors to go to when the old wife’s tale may have been distributed in a certain region, for example.

Was universal belief in preventive medicine and it was believed that diet was the major factor in both illness and Wellness. It was believed that most diseases originate from the stomach and excess food. They believed in abstinence, emetic, small doses of medication, or what we would call homeopathic medicine today.

The use of drugs was mentioned in the writings that have reached us today. Many of the drugs that are still used in this part of the world were part of the ancient pharmacology. Many of the herbs growing between the Nile and the Red sea is still known to the Arabs. Both Greek and Roman writers referred to the medical practice in Egypt, and special attention was paid to the use of natural substances that have been healing properties.

Submit a postmortem autopsy was carried out on patients and lessons learned as a result gave the Ancient doctors of the increasing knowledge about life and death. To this day, we are not completely sure about the effects of mummification. They did have the knowledge that the removal of these internal organs that might decay to improve the process of mummification and the mummy to keep almost indefinitely. Today psychoanalysists would be interested to know that the Egyptians placed great store in dream interpretation. Although they may not have the sophistication of modern psychiatry, they have the opportunity to glimpse into the thought processes that were involved in my dreams.

Because the evidence of the mummified remains, which was used complex the surgery, the question arises of how sedated the patient. It is believed that both drugs and a form of hypnosis was used to induce the patient to sleep during surgical procedures.

The Egyptians were given to taking baths seriously. Both used cold and hot water, the minerals were placed in water and the General attitude with regard to cleanliness observed in the paintings that come to us today. It is doubtful that they had any concept of microorganisms, but the fact that they seemed to believe in washing hands and face frequently, and bathing the entire body was a factor in their good health and longevity.

It is interesting to note that many of the practices of the Egyptians regarding both medicine and dentistry is still in evidence today. It is often difficult for us to fully evaluate the scholarship of these people in both the arts and Sciences, in technology and in the General philosophy of life that allowed them to experience the cultural continuum for many thousands of years.

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