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Herbs and medicinal plants

Welcome to the world of herbs and other magical gifts of mother nature. We will be happy to share with You the secrets of national treatment, which basically keep the secrets of natural healing forces.

Our planet, its endless depths, are available for us a source of strength, good health and long life. The ancient science of knowledge of the mysteries of water, earth, air and plants was born to our first parents, for which knowledge of the useful properties of the world around them were not only good but also the only opportunity to survive. Since then has passed the Millennium. And those ancient knowledge, accumulating experiences of generations, crossed to us, in modernity, in the form of a collection of natural knowledge in the name of folk medicine .

Today, traditional and folk medicine go through life hand in hand. Gone are the times of persecution, when supporters of therapeutic methods of treatment were declared sorcerers, healers, herbalists – sorcerers and charlatans. And adherents of folk medicine and natural forces, in turn, was betrayed by doctors “anathema.” In the modern world, alternative medicine and traditional medicine are complementary and specialist doctors increasingly recommend integrated methods of medical therapy. Just take a look at pharmacy Windows, which perfectly coexist on the shelves of lekarstvennymi and fees from medicinal herbs and conventional chemical based medications. Additionally the popular drugs increasingly include components of plant origin. And it’s not only the people’s medicine! When the forces of science are combined with the forces of nature, and help to give a fitting rebuff to the forces of disease, the victory we have with You.

We have not forgotten about the most respected gardeners and gardeners – hardworking people who literally create nature with his own hands. There are sections on the kitchen Garden window and Room vegetables and fruits. And especially for those nature lovers who are committed to health improvement through adherence to the rules of power – our topics, the Vitamin and nutritional therapy. as well as delicious recipes from Vegetable cooking.

At the request of our readers, we have a section about the Holy water and the water blessing ceremonies. the rules of Orthodox lent. Also, according to numerous requests from our readers, we have added to our resource devoted to the treatment of Allergy (traditional and folk methods). In our troubled age, when the number of allergens is increasing every day, and the immune system, unfortunately, under the influence of not the best environmental conditions, is reduced – such information would be very useful.

For those who loves and appreciates the gifts of nature, such as this magnificent creature as precious and semi-precious stones, we have created a special section – Omnitrope, treatment stones, which will certainly appeal to admirers of fine jewelry, natural amulets and talismans.

I advise everyone who is interested in an independent gathering and using of plants for prevention and treatment of diseases, to begin to become familiar with the basic rules:

The collection of herbs should be carried out in locations remote from road and rail, highways and industrial enterprises and places of disposal of industrial waste.

The use of medicinal plants should be agreed with your doctor, especially when it comes to treating children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. This should take into account individual intolerance of the body of certain plants and products of natural origin.

You must believe in yourself and the healing power of nature. Perhaps this rule should be considered as the basis of folk medicine, the cornerstone of disease control. Encourage inner strength of your body, allow yourself to be filled with bubbling natural energy and apply to the diseases devastating blow. Imagine how the magical world of herbs, flowers, plants, pure natural sources and sunlight gives You strength and joy! Keep that feeling and the dark forces of disease, even most, at first glance, terrible – will begin to melt and retreat.

Each of us is born for happiness like a bird for flight. May Your day be filled with joy and natural warmth, a piece of which lives in each of us.

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