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Pain in the spine. "Is this all from the spine?" I will explain to the reader what was going on. I'm actually a journalist, but, going on reception to the…

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In Institute of beauty on Arbate not only removes moles but also save those who do not spend money to experiment

Mole removal has become so popular that it began to offer each salon. Moreover, on the wave of demand unscrupulous manufacturers offer funds for home removal of moles.

Mole removal has become so popular that it began to offer each salon. Moreover, on the wave of demand unscrupulous manufacturers offer funds for home removal of moles. And often people use terrible advice “healers” from the Internet or trying to burn out moles and skin tags by people’s recipes — celandine, acetic acid, and the like.

The effects of this treatment can be very scary. After all, a mole, or naevus, is a benign proliferation of skin cells, which at any time may degenerate into malignant. Any unprofessional or nizkoprofessionalnymi intervention can be a “trigger” for rebirth.

With all kinds of birthmarks, and also bad getting rid of them daily challenge for the staff of the Institute of beauty on the Arbat, where effective removal of moles and where patients bring in new visitors for help. Pochemuimenno there?

— Because the birthmarks have to do first doctors with extensive experience and relevant knowledge — responsible Adzhiev Zarema Alibekovna, PhD and dermatooncology with 15 years of experience. — We not only remove moles — we examine them for the presence of cancer cells, we diagnose and successfully treat pre-cancerous skin lesions, make their prevention.

However, the beauty for us is equally important, because in our Department, work of plastic surgeons, which, by the way, I am also. I think our Institute is not only a safe removal of moles, but also careful attitude to appearance deserved reviews are greatly appreciated.

Be afraid of removing moles is not necessary:

• first, it is completely painless;

• secondly, no additional harm it will bring: if the removed material will show a positive histology, we will carry out the surgical treatment and you will be happy and long to live;

• third, to remove moles, we use the most effective and safe methods of surgical excision (if the situation requires) and diathermocoagulation (mostly): the latter gives a great aesthetic effect and allows you to pick up the material to study unlike laser removal.

The history of salvation

Alexander V. Chelyabinsk resident: I came to Moscow, in Institute of beauty. specially to do the removal of moles, after reading reviews and on the advice of friends. In fact, the removal I’ve done in the expensive private clinic in Chelyabinsk. Burned by the laser, above the lip, after healing left a large white scar. I would have resigned, but soon beside him again, and mole began to grow. I realized that the problem is too serious to continue experimenting, and came here. I am eternally grateful Volovo Anatoly Apollonovich and his Agaevoy Zarema Alibekovna: now I’m not only not worried about your health, but also the old scar on his upper lip is almost invisible. This is a wonderful doctor!

Viola D. Vilnius: — I went to the clinic in Vilnius. There I first made a visual examination and then… took a biopsy. Unfortunately, I was not aware that such analysis is contraindicated before removal, except in very rare cases. The biopsy came back negative, and I decided that you can do without removal. However, six months later the mole started to grow almost before our eyes. I was in a panic. I was reading everything on the Internet and was ready for the worst. But my Moscow friends wrote me an admission in Institute of beauty on the Arbat for the removal of moles, the reviews that I read about on the forums. I was struck by the professionalism of the institution — there really are on the model of the European University clinics! Unfortunately, my histology results came back positive. But doctors from the Institute of beauty had all the necessary treatment — I’m healthy! Second visit to the survey and happy to know that the reasons for sadness no.

Simon K. Arkhangelsk: — there Were two attempts to remove the large birthmark in the temple and century cryodestruction, and over a century of the mole is not touched (was afraid?). All is back as it was. The next step was the laser (and century) is a brightened spot and all. And after two years a spot in the field century was heavy and very dark. I knew it was time to save himself really. So I decided to choose the best clinic. Because I’m here and because I’m healthy. Thanks to the Institute of beauty: although the operation was difficult and even had to transplant the skin, they coped great. Thank you.

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