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To resume planting of medicinal plants in Kuzbass offer

Kemerovo pharmacists and scientists have developed a program for revival of planting of medicinal plants in the region, including areas subject to recultivation of mine dumps.

As told to “Mediametrics” Deputy General Director of JSC “Kemerovo pharmaceutical factory” Alexander Castellaw, in Soviet times, the country has more than 20 farms on cultivation of medicinal herbs, but they all closed down.

“This industry has collapsed and she is in demand. Today the drug manufacturers have to buy imported raw materials. We consider the question of the revival of planting of medicinal plants, certain plants and berries, including the offer to bind them to the cultivation of land reclamation. And we went from the reverse: not only to grow, but there is the need for raw materials and a guaranteed sale,” explained Castellaw.

To develop a program on renewable plantations of medicinal herbs, berries, and other plants pharmacists were invited specialists from five institutes: Kemtipp, kemgma, Kemgu, Kemgskhi and the Institute of human ecology SB RAS.

Each of them contributed to the project, as a result after answering all the questions: what plants and where to plant, where best to grow what the soil will do for this, how to cultivate, remove and so on.

“Now in this area there is no single structure that shalaby everything inside and out and did it. Therefore, each a contribution, and the final link is we who know how to use cultivated plants and turn it into money. Retrieved from reverse: we know where to put it, and created resource base. In principle, it is possible to buy, but why should we give this money to a foreign region, and especially abroad? They must be left in the region, and our people were busy, besides it is the feedstock which can be grown in our country”, — said the representative of the pharmaceutical industry.

Ultimately, according to the plans of developers, in Kuzbas there will be new jobs, and will export the product: medicines, syrups, tinctures, and extracts the near future. Moreover, the latter needs a huge amount of raw materials that directly affect the quality and price (read more about this new product, read an extensive interview with Alexander Kostelany ).

“This product would go on sale outside of our region. Always profitable to produce and sell, and to return to their region of money. This is normal operation of any state, any area of: manufacture, trade, get money. We go on this way”, says Alexander Castellaw.

He also said that one of the options the program expects to use for planting medicinal plants in the coal-mining dumps of the sections that appear after the Stripping of the land and by law must undergo remediation. “We can, as they say, business and pleasure to do: reclaim, and to plant those plants that we have and will continue to give a harvest,” — said Deputy Director General of the factory.

According to experts, in Kuzbas there is space for growing a variety of plants, unlike grass, for example, they do not always need the topsoil.

“Suppose we plan to plant the same cranberry, cowberry, bilberry. Artificially they can also be grown by the method of introduction, and they need enough soil is poor, that is, in fact, it is newtonica, which are not suitable for other crops. More detailed answers to this question were given by men of science, whom we actually raised for this project,” said Castellaw.

A modified version of the program the developers will discuss in the near future Kuzbass Technopark, under the aegis of whom this joint work. The finished concept is planned to be submitted to the regional administration about the middle of February.

Kemerovo pharmacists and scientists have developed a program for revival of planting of medicinal plants in the region, including areas subject to recultivation of mine dumps.

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