The Labrador tea – the healing properties and benefits
Marsh herb with medicinal properties The name rosemary has received for toxic properties possessed by all parts of this plant. Bagwith means to poison. However, do not rush to bring…

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The Labrador tea – the healing properties and benefits
Marsh herb with medicinal properties The name rosemary has received for toxic properties possessed by all parts of this plant. Bagwith means to poison. However, do not rush to bring…

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Bear gall bladder: what it treats, the use and contraindications

Bear bile is the component that is produced by the liver of the animal. Due to the high vitamin content it is actively used in medicine.

That treats bear bile?

Traditional healers claim that with the help of this folk remedy can cure baldness . This bile is mixed with little honey and red pepper. After a few months after regular use hair will start to grow;

Natural product used in the prevention of chronic gastritis . To do this in the next couple of weeks three times a day take tincture of dried bile and 40% alcohol, vodka. 1 teaspoon;

Beneficial tool and on the male genitals . It improves the quality of sperm and improves erections and sexual potency;

With the help of bile can cure epilepsy . Using Tibetan on the basis of tincture bear bile, after 40 days you can overcome the disease;

Medical professionals recommend taking this remedy to normalize blood pressure and reduce the amount of vasospasm;

The widespread use of bear bile has been in Oncology . With its help it is possible to cure a benign tumor;

Also, this natural product normalizes the stomach and the musculoskeletal system.

Bear bile –the use of

Before applying you need to prepare bear gall bladder. It is a long and important process. Extracted bubble dried in the fresh air until, until it becomes similar to the consistency of plasticine. You can also evaporate the bile over the fire. The last procedure is carried out in the case if a natural product will need to be stored for a long time. The most convenient way is to buy bear bile, which is produced in capsules.

To take the product one hour before food . Its quantity depends on the weight of the person.

From 45 to 65 kg – 1 h l;

From 66 to 90 kg – 2 tsp;

From 91 to 100 kg is 2.5 teaspoons;

From 100 kg – 1 tbsp

It is advisable to take a tincture of bear bile only in its natural form. It is not recommended to eat or drink water. One course of treatment with this agent should be not less than two weeks, about 3-4 weeks. Then you need to take a break in a few days.

If a person has enlarged liver, is recommended in the infusion is to replace the alcohol with water. To do this 1 or 2 teaspoons of dry bile pour one Cup of warm water. Before use solution should beat. This folk remedy you can pause the development of cancer cells. You need to take a course of treatment 3-4 months, drinking one teaspoon of the drug before meals.

Bear bile – contraindications

Bear bile is a natural and healthy product . but despite this it can be used not all.

Should not be treated this folk remedy to those people who have developed hypersensitivity;

If the body is present gallstones, also from this procedures you should refrain;

You cannot take a tincture of bear bile in violation of the functioning of the gallbladder and diseases of the stomach;

Acute cholecystitis and cholangitis – it is also an excuse to opt out of taking medication;

The drug also is contraindicated in all diseases of the kidneys or the liver, e.g. cirrhosis, liver failure, violation of pancreas functioning;

Another reason to abandon this folk remedy is Crohn’s disease ;

Experts also do not recommend to use bear bile in any form for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

However, even if the person does not have all these diseases, it does not mean that it can be treated in this way. Every human body has its own characteristics. So after treatment it can take some time to analyze his condition. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor about whether to take the bear bile.

Must be observed and dosage of the drug. Otherwise, there may appear side effects such as allergies, nausea, diarrhea, weakness and dizziness.

It is worth noting that such a medicine is absolutely not compatible with alcohol . because it is very dangerous for the gastric mucosa.

The price per gram of bear bile

In its natural form to acquire bear bile can be only among hunters. However, this purchase for many people can be problematic. Besides, there is no guarantee that the processing has complied with all sanitary norms. So instead, you can buy infectious disease or other health problems.

You can buy bear bile in finished form in the pharmacy .

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