Treatment of animals: animal-assisted therapy is when physical, mental illness
The animals who treated the man Every pet owner is convinced that his pet, caring doctor that can treat the owner and family members. This view also adhere to the…

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Treatment of animals: animal-assisted therapy is when physical, mental illness

The animals who treated the man

Every pet owner is convinced that his pet, caring doctor that can treat the owner and family members. This view also adhere to the scientists who conducted multiple studies and have confirmed the therapeutic properties of animals. Doctors interested in this opening and created a trend in medicine — the animal-assisted therapy. This treatment is used in a variety of physical and mental diseases. Exactly what save animals from diseases?

5 animals that treat people


For the first time the therapeutic benefit of riding noticed by Hippocrates. The ancient Greek physician advised people suffering from depression, horseback riding. In contact with these animals is that man is freed from the sad thoughts, anxiety, apathy.

In addition to the correction of mental status, therapy with horses (hippotherapy) use in disorders of the musculoskeletal system, traumatic brain injuries, scoliosis. During the drive to work all the muscles of the body, increases blood circulation in the legs and pelvic organs. To keep his balance, the rider adapts to the movements of the horse’s body, develops coordination.

Hippotherapy is a rehabilitation program for children with autism. down syndrome and other physical, mental disabilities. The duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis and patient’s age. The interaction with horses gave the therapeutic effect be required to take a minimum of six months course.


In Ancient Egypt discovered that cats have healing powers. Thanks to excellent instincts and a strong biofield can animals sense deviations in the health of the owner. They accurately recognize the source of the pain and fall on this place. Their healing energy relieves spasms, calms and accelerates healing. It is noticed that black cats have a high energy. They are able to take a person twice as many negative emotions.

Treatment with cat (feline) applied by physicians worldwide. At the end of the twentieth century in the United States conducted an experiment in nursing homes. Elderly people suffering from depression and categorically refusing communion, after contact with the animals changed the way of life, became talkative, friendly.

English scientists have found that 20 minutes spent with a purring pet, normalize blood pressure and heartbeat. The study confirmed that cats were able to save his master from hypertensive crisis and even myocardial infarction.

Pets also relieve stress, irritability, fatigue. The best “healers” — long-haired breed (Siberian, Angora, Persian). Their owners are less prone to insomnia and depression.


Animals have long been used in rehabilitation centers to treat children with cerebral palsy, mental retardation. The presence of the dog calms, reduces anxiety, improves coordination of movements of a sick child.

Four-legged friend can even alert the owner for 20 minutes about the beginning of the epileptic seizure. There are known cases, when the animal turned his body to cushion the fall of a person during a seizure.

Examining the dog’s saliva, scientists have identified the enzyme lysozyme, have antibacterial properties and promotes wound healing. Thanks to the friendliness, devotion, view the pet treats people with severe mental disabilities. Animal distracts from loneliness, dark thoughts, reduces aggression and restores peace of mind.


Fun, playful animals can soothe, eliminate pain, relieve chronic fatigue. Therapeutic effect is achieved thanks to a special ultrasound that dolphins make while communicating. The radiated signals has analgesic effects on the internal organs, tissue. Ultrasound also improves the circulation of fluids in the body.

Dolphin therapy accelerates rehabilitation after a stroke, a heart attack. Exotic treatment is used in disorders of articulation, psychoses, autism.

Studies have shown that dolphins have a high intelligence, comparable to human. With sick people, they are cautious, sensitive. Scientists noticed that after treatment the animal needs rest to recuperate.


The therapeutic effect of birdsong was seen in Ancient India. Warbling of birds soothe, console, normalize psycho-emotional state. Conduct sessions ornithurae can at the Park, in the woods, where lively birds sing and not hear the traffic. Enjoy the sounds of nature every day for 15 minutes.

Be sure to get a home a parrot or a Canary, if you suffer from cardio-vascular diseases, neuroses. Communication with the birds, observing their behavior improves mood, distracts from trouble and pain.

Constant contact with your pet is able to normalize emotional condition, to relieve pain and save them from various diseases. If you haven’t got a pet, visit the zoo, animal exhibition, watch films and listen to audio recordings.

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