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The advice of our grandmothers. Recipes of traditional cosmetics

Many people strive to bring themselves to perfection . but this concept is very different, so try to pay maximum attention to the advice of experienced people that looked good, adhering to simple rules. In different Nations for many years from generation to generation tips for beauty, so you should pay attention to them, because the practitioner actually reached a great result.

The nature has created for mankind the perfect components and products . which allow us to look great on the outside, but also to stay healthy inside. Among these products, strawberry, decoctions of herbs, cucumber, oil, honey, eggs, etc. in order to apply such products in the body care and face, you need to do various Maxi, baths, infusions and just put raw on the skin.

For the treatment of hair our grandmothers used a variety of oils . because they perfectly nourish hair and protect them from negative influence of environment. If you don’t know how exactly to choose a suitable method to maintain the beauty of the body and face, try to ask senior family members, because they are not once encountered such a situation, so that you will be able to help you.

A great remedy is aloe plant . masakage because it allows you to get the most nutrients and moisturizes. In order to remain always not only beautiful, but also healthy, this plant is also used for the reception inside. So that his eyes became brighter and brighter, now used a variety of drops, but do not forget about the possible negative impact on our health. Older people preferred to brew normal immortelle to bury him in the eye.

Also, strawberries are widely used in modern cosmetology . a very useful mask. But the strawberries is very useful as food, because contains a lot of vitamins and acids. Try to study the old literature in which you can find a lot of recipes of our grandmothers about how to prolong youth, to look good every day. Below are the most popular and proven methods of these books for any person.

For the beauty of the spit . The hair is at all times attracted the attention, and the girl with a dense shock have always been popular with the opposite sex. It is also evidence of prosperity and good nutrition, which is important for many families. Today little has changed, the principles and canons, but the beauty of the hair, as before, plays an important role in the life of almost each of the fair sex. The secret of beauty hair from our grandmothers is the plant lovage. Particularly useful is its root, so pay special attention when caring. For the preparation of medicinal elixir for your hair, take the average of the root of lovage and pour 3-4 cups boiling water. Infuse for an hour, after rinse your hair after shampooing.

For the beauty of your skin . Earlier women, like today, pay much attention to the skin, therefore, preserved the recipes of beauty from the girls past. For example, to get rid of pigmentation on the face and lighten the skin tone, use a poultice of sauerkraut, but in order to remove excess oil from the skin, take a cotton swab and soak it with fresh juice viburnum.

For beauty of lips . Lips have always attracted men, because they are an indicator of femininity and sensuality, but it is necessary to carefully care for the skin of the lips so they looked attractive, soft and moisturized. Previously, virtually every girl has had a small container of honey specifically in order to regularly moisturize the lips. Imagine how attractive it was for men when kissing. That is why try to apply this method to care for the beauty of your lips.

Here are some examples of how you can be beautiful with the help of basic products . which is in every home.

Garlic juice will help you to stay young and attractive. It is perfectly tightens the skin and removes minor signs of aging.

– A clean glass of water with lemon juice and salt on an empty stomach will help you get rid of extra pounds.

– Do not use the powder if you have dry skin.

– Drink several times a week, cucumber juice, because it will help your skin become more elastic and youthful.

– Enlarged pores become less noticeable, if you regularly RUB the skin with lemon juice.

– Almond milk will help you to prevent wrinkles.

– The inflorescence of Linden will help you get rid of dandruff.

– Brush your hair in different directions, so as to improve their growth.

– Use the soda solution in order to reduce the oiliness of the hair.

– Shops now offer a huge number of shampoos to resolve issues with dandruff, but few people know that this problem is an effective measure for ordinary decoction of nettle.

In fact, these recipes are very accessible, which allows to use them even those who don’t have a huge amount of money on expensive cosmetics.

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