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Healer. Energy healing

The article “Zones of d’urville seas and human health”, we talked about zones, which has energy as a way not only to treat the person, but also as a tool with which you can apply energy to the person shot.

How does it happen? Very simple. If the person has a zone, not able to be active, aggressive person can close on itself the highest body of the victim and energizes their similar areas of the brain.

According to this principle occurs and energy healing. Only the healer is not your area energizes and shares with his patient. But not just shares, as it lends at the time. The healer fills the broken area of the patient their normal working and thus teaches the patient’s brain is normal and to work in concert in the future.

But interestingly… the Healer not only shares his energy, he is now forever associated with the patient karmically. And if the healer does not take certain actions, namely not exempt from this respect fourteen days, the patient may begin to parasitize on the person who saved him. So by helping others, the healer needs to take care of their own safety. Otherwise the healer may become a victim of their patients.

Many healers, only started to practice the other treatment, not knowing of the intricacies, only a year and a half, and then either cease practicaltheoretical treatment, or that it is a pity, they themselves become sick people. Since the power consumption exceeds its income, so to speak. By the way, all illnesses arise from this principle, – from a lack of energy coming from the surrounding space.

Healer. Energy healing

Nature is forced to defend himself from people, as it loses its energy when it hurts. And it hurts only on the negative actions of man. Nature restores your energy balance by the energy of the subtle bodies of the person who “offended”, but most of the peoples or the population of a territory. In 2012, was heard the groan of the Earth, which even recorded. If interested, you can listen for yourself here .

Man is genetically connected with all your relatives and that, I think, everybody knows. But not everyone knows that man is bound by karma and their sexual partners, and acquaintances. All who though somehow interact, relate to each other as connecting vessels. I think now many remembered the experience held a lesson of physics. Now, the law of physics, are all defendants and will pay for the “sin” of karmic member of his “group”.

If you don’t want to share the punishment with the “sinner”, it should terminate all relations with him. The only way to violate the laws of nature will bear responsibility himself.

There is a saying: “If the Lord wants to punish a person, he takes away his mind”. Like all sayings and Proverbs, this expression, too, appeared not on an empty place. The thing is, when dementia of any kind, there is a shortage of brain energy at which radiation of the brain can’t properly navigate in outer space.

Healer. Energy healing

To understand how this happens, let us return to physics. In the device of missiles and torpedoes, a method of gyroscopic orientation. Using the gyroscope, before the start of a rocket or a torpedo set to the North star. The gyro remembers the direction of the star and then, no matter what direction the missile or the torpedo out, retains its position in Space and it can now be managed.

Like missiles and torpedoes, man, too, has its own “gyro”. At that moment, when the little man first takes a breath, fixing brain radiation, begin consistently activated zone of the d’urville seas. And then begin to work other Sciences, such as astrology and the like. Depending on which environment you will get the little man, depends on the quality of human life in the future.

If you compare the human life with the flight, then the one who has studied the laws of nature and tried to live in accordance with them, moves through space the way he wants, and who were heedless of them, rushing around chaotically, hitting all the bumps – i.e. a disease and stress.

To 21, the child still lives under the care and protection of parents, and then starts an independent flight and energy all the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the individual.

Here comes the moment when energy healing will help to correct the course to health and longevity.

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