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The pros and cons of alternative medicine

Although alternative medicine is aimed at improving not only physical but also emotional and mental state, her methods continue to cause some of the questions that remain unanswered.

The basic principle underlying the many methods of alternative medicine is balance. Acupuncture, Wellness, tai Chi, and various toning exercises are aimed at bringing the body into balance, which in theory, helps to restore health. This principle is meant in the first place, choosing for himself the method of treatment.

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What are the advantages of alternative medicine? First, it is a complete recovery. Traditional medicine treats disease as an independent “entity” lurked in the human body. The trend toward specialization in medicine has led not only to the development of successful treatment regimens, but also distanced doctors from the healthy bodies of their patients. The main difference between alternative medicine is that it involves a comprehensive body care. Guru of alternative medicine does not separate physical health from the patient’s emotional and spiritual. A holistic approach to health and is the reason why alternative medicine is experiencing its rise.

Secondly, this is the personal attention that the healer pays his patient, because of the emphasis on wasorganized immediately. Conventional local therapists have limited time behind the doors of Cabinet they will find a crowd of visitors, so that if they wanted more to ask the patient about his problems, the doctor will not be able to act to the detriment of the rest of the audience. And alternative medicine personal attention is one of the key points.

Thirdly, in alternative medicine, the emphasis is on prevention. Traditional medicine intervenes when the illness has already made itself felt, non-traditional also aims to prevent illnesses. Although this does not mean that when people are sick, alternative medicine washes his hands — and in this case there is a solution.

Cons of the same are as follows: first of all, research about the effectiveness of alternative therapies is extremely small. Recently with the increasing growth of interest in it increases and research funding, however, reliable data on the effectiveness of alternative practices is still insufficient patients remains to rely only on familiar stories or find information on related forums.

or other means contains some secret ingredients, or promises miraculous healing from a number of diseases, this drug is definitely not to be trusted.

Thirdly, we must not forget that not all non-traditional drugs “coexist” with traditional. Even if the product does not contain artificial additives, herbs can engage in an unexpected reaction with the components of conventional medicines. In addition, some natural products can be quite unpleasant side effects.

To best protect yourself, do not rush to grab non-traditional preparations, description of the action which you like. First, review the information of the manufacturer, and then collect the dossier on the drug, searching reviews of those who have already accepted him.

Further, marketing strategy medical centers, alternative medicine practitioners, is often confusing. The words “natural” and “safe” can easily be confused, but they are not synonymous, although we often try to convince otherwise. Many dietary supplements and herbal teas manufacturer deliberately wrongly marked as natural, and it should be taken into account. If the manufacturer claims that the composition of the means contains some secret ingredients, or promises miraculous healing from a number of diseases, this drug is definitely not to be trusted.

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