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Healing: develop sensitivity in the hands

Everyone who is interested in healing wondered how you can learn to heal with your hands? Why did the hand heal? How does it work? Can all people equally effectively to perceive energy through the hands? Let’s try a little understanding in these matters. People with supernatural powers have the ability to cure diseases and various ailments. But you need to have a serious psychosomatic resistance, and develop your aura and spiritual energy. If you feel able and ready to heal people just by touch, it is necessary to obtain competent skills in the use of its internal forces. How to stimulate your abilities, and how to bring out his hidden power in your hands?

Wanting to become one, just answer the question: who are they really? Scientists say that these are people who have inborn or developed independently increased sensitivity of the aura and its components. In order to obtain the necessary power from within, and become educated and current specialist, you need a lot practice not only in the impact on people through his hands. Esoterica there are several key exercises that will help to curb the power of thought, presence of mind and neuroadrenaline energy, which is the reference power, acting through the hands.

How to direct your “I” to the hands?

Specialists still allow myself to mention the point that only a natural born psychics can carry out practices with treatment by hand. But even those who are by nature given the ability to heal other people, must adapt his spirit to the higher forces and inner self.

Yet, according to professionals, be careful with generally accepted standards of doctrine and practice. Because many of the exercises will not work any age. Or exercise including diet, will be fatal to resident of another region.

Core exercises for inner peace

However, there is a General system of training hands. To heal with their help. The esoterics celebrate the next stages of exercise over the human spirit and consciousness.

Intuitive guide. Try to rely solely on himself, on his “sixth sense”. Feel very carefully. Every time ask your inner voice: can I do this, will I be able to overcome this obstacle? You don’t have to force yourself to commit serious psychic actions. It must come of itself, through your feelings and sensations. Nothing is more important than self-esteem and confidence in his power. The same applies to the daily routine and nutrition. If you are a person with a unique warehouse of energy, and ready to heal people through your hands, listen to your body its needs for sleep, nutrition and General diet.

Any negativity. If you are planning to treat your hands and from them the energy of people, it is important to take into account its own state. Try not to lose inner harmony, avoid completely those people who violate the order flow of internal energy. Make sure that the meditation and samonastroem to get rid of the desire to eradicate evil and change people. That will never happen, evil will not disappear, but you will only get worse from the constant efforts to stop this common machine for the production of feelings.

How to work with your hands?

So, directly exercises aim to get your hands become more sensitive to others ‘ auras, and allowed them to cure diseases and ailments of the people.

Committed movement in a circle about the inner side of the palms to each other.

Keep your hands at a distance of about twenty centimeters, and gradually approach to each other. Clot feel the energy between your hands.

Expand palms up. Experience the gradual flow of energy from one palm to another. This exercise will help to feel better people in the distance.

Usually, the working hand is the main, during the healing, and working with someone else’s aura. The second subsidiary, is doing everything to power had been correct. In particular, the sensitivity of different fingers from pinky to index.

Working hard on this system, you can easily prepare your hands to psychic manipulation, and direct it to help people.

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