The Labrador tea – the healing properties and benefits
Marsh herb with medicinal properties The name rosemary has received for toxic properties possessed by all parts of this plant. Bagwith means to poison. However, do not rush to bring…

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Shamans of Peru

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Alternative medicine in Germany
Heilpraktiker is a specialist in alternative medicine Supplemental medical insurance helps pay for the treatment of a healer Currently in Germany there is an increasing interest to specialists non-traditional, "natural"…

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All kids love animals, and animals reciprocate, and some even have a therapeutic effect.


For example, it is widely believed that good doctors are dolphins. In the Baltics there is one and the Dolphinarium is located in Klaipeda (Lithuania). But if many of you know that here you can enjoy spectacular shows, only a few are aware of the opportunity to be in this place a course of Dolphin therapy.

However, at the moment, the Dolphinarium was closed for reconstruction, and information about when it will open, yet. The film crew of the program “mother’s Club” was able to visit it before it was closed and figure out how to pass such classes.

The teacher Dolphin Brigita Crivineanu immediately emphasized: the Dolphin therapy is not a cure, it is primarily contact and communication with the animal. Dolphin therapy is carried out by specially trained experts who help to select an individual approach to the patient. “Dolphin therapy has a positive effect, which is associated with psychological aspects, as well as motor development and movement,” explains physiotherapist Christine Stalidzane. Continue reading

In Institute of beauty on Arbate not only removes moles but also save those who do not spend money to experiment

Mole removal has become so popular that it began to offer each salon. Moreover, on the wave of demand unscrupulous manufacturers offer funds for home removal of moles.

Mole removal has become so popular that it began to offer each salon. Moreover, on the wave of demand unscrupulous manufacturers offer funds for home removal of moles. And often people use terrible advice “healers” from the Internet or trying to burn out moles and skin tags by people’s recipes — celandine, acetic acid, and the like.

The effects of this treatment can be very scary. After all, a mole, or naevus, is a benign proliferation of skin cells, which at any time may degenerate into malignant. Any unprofessional or nizkoprofessionalnymi intervention can be a “trigger” for rebirth.

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From traditional Chinese medicine to the Nobel prize

In the late 1960s, Mao Zedong instructed The YOYO (Youyou Tu) to find a cure for malaria. And after 40 odd years of its opening every year are already helping to save the lives of over 100 thousand people in Africa alone, and she was awarded the highest award in medicine — the Nobel prize. The residences shared with their colleagues William Campbell (William Campbell C) and Omurai Satoshi (Satoshi Ōmura), who developed a new means of treating human diseases caused by parasitic worms.

Unusual in scientific work That Yuyu may seem that she started his research with the study of plants used in Chinese folk medicine. However, this is not the only case where modern medicine is developed on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine — and probably not the last.

The Yuyu colleagues studied the ancient Chinese medical treatises, trying to find mention of herbs and recipes that could be used to treat diseases with symptoms similar to malaria, such as fever, chills and headache. Continue reading

Is it possible to prevent a myocardial infarction independently and how to treat heart disease at home? Opinion of cardiologist
A scary statistic! Myocardial infarction is a major cause of disability in adulthood, in addition, is the cause of death in 10-12% of cases. And worst of all, from this…


Treatment of optic nerve atrophy
Where to be treated Where to treat atrophy of the optic nerve One of the most frequent causes of visual impairment is the atrophy of the optic nerve. Improper and…